what’s drake net worth 2022

What Is Drake’s Net Worth For 2022?

Drake has gone from underground hip-hop artist to one the the biggest music stars in the world. He has dominated charts, released countless albums, and won multiple awards. With all this success, the questions arises: what is Drake’s net worth for 2022?

How Drake Made His Money

Drake’s career started early. He joined the cast of the Canadian teen drama Degrassi and landed a small role on the show. But it was his 2008 mixtape, So Far Gone, and especially his single, “Best I Ever Had” that shot him to fame.

From this initial success, Drake went on to become a household name. He released multiple albums — 2010’s Thank Me Later, 2011’s Take Care and 2016’s Views — all of which topped the Billboard Charts and sold millions of copies. The success of these albums provided Drake with a stable source of income.

Drake also earned money through live performances and concert tours. His 2013’s “Would You Like a Tour?” and 2016’s “Summer Sixteen Tour” were smash hits and earned millions of dollars in ticket sales.

What Is Drake’s Net Worth?

By 2022, Drake’s net worth is estimated to be over $180 million. Here’s a breakdown of his estimated wealth for 2022:

  • Record Royalties & Sales: $75 million
  • Tour Income: $60 million
  • Endorsements & Brand Deals: $40 million
  • Real Estate: $5 million


In 2022, Drake will remain one of the highest earners in hip-hop. With his success in the music industry, numerous appearances, and smart investments, Drake’s net worth is estimated to be around $180 million.

Questions & Answers

Q: What year did Drake become a household name?

A: Drake became a household name in 2010, with the release of his first studio album, Thank Me Later.

Q: How much is Drake’s net worth in 2022?

A: Drake’s net worth in 2022 is estimated to be around $180 million.